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The attempts to deliver quality healthcare are enormous. We at drstore strive to fortify the channel established among the vendors, manufacturers, healthcare providers, nursing homes, patients and other important stakeholders. Our core strength lies in offering comprehensive solutions to meet most of hospital needs with dedicated 247 supports. Drstore embraces new challenges, foresee the changing trends, fosters support, minimizes waste and therefore stands for its remarkable vision. We contribute towards better health with sourcing excellence and quick adoption of innovative technology. Our aim is to consistently reduce the healthcare costs, enhance quality compliance in a highly fragmented market. By working with drstore, you can maximize the bandwidth of your procurement services & enhance operational efficiencies. You can offer high quality of patient care & achieve positive business outcomes.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio offers wide variety of products & distribution services to its customers & partners. Drstore procurement process is responsible for selection, quality, specification, delivery, Price sensitivity in order bring about transparency  & resolve the complexities in logistics & supply chain management.  The goal of drstore is to provide patient centric care and subsequently build a holistic approach to strengthen not only the institutional hospitals, but also the ambulatory, clinical & home care settings. Rather than dealing with many vendors, Drstore would serve as one stop shop to bring the operational efficiency & productivity of your supply chain. It tracks the operational inefficiencies by evaluating the utilization quantities, cost & correlated outcomes.

Our core strength lies in fulfilment services such as Hospital Equipment, Implants, Consumables, Disposables, Lab and Pharmaceutical Fulfillent.

Hospital Equipment & Medical Implants

We avail you the widest choices through our extensive Portfolio of hospital equipment & medical implants. The extensive options that suit your requirements are found here which you offer to the patients to optimize their health.

 You can easily browse through the product list & e- brochures of the products to find both the premium brands & price sensitive brands. Our Online Ordering process facilitates you to discover, explore, evaluate and finally purchase the products of your choice. You will access to your purchase orders, manage invoices & product information & availability is one click away. The orders can be shipped directly to the patients as well.


Consumables Fulfilment:

Hospital & lab required consumables are being utilized in different capabilities. We are here to fulfill all. The availability of different brands & grades is customized to the requirements of the laboratories. Consumables for liquid handling, sample handling & cell handling in laboratories would be at your disposal. Any medical equipment or point of care diagnostic device related consumables require to perform various tests are accessible here. Products ranging from premium brand to moderate brands are aggregated here. Consumables are stored in Temperature controlled storage conditions; it is applicable for shipping & delivering.


Pharmaceutical fulfilment

Wide range of prescription medicines, over the counter drugs and kits are readily available to the customers as well as to the end customers. We carry out the continuum of care by fulfilling the requirement of health ecosystem & patients.  Our drop-ship model ensures the timely service, authenticity, affordable range as per the customer’s choice & quality care. We do have an offering of generic brands that brings cost-effectiveness.

Drstore offers colossal range of products through its pharmaceutical distribution. It provides an edge over the pricing, lowers the administrative costs, competitive pricing and operates as one stop shop for all the pharmacy related purchases. Hence reduces the multiple layers, which involve CFAs, distributors & retailers. It also brings transparency & authenticity by supplying the right drugs and hence provides prompt & quality care to the patient.


Lab fulfilment:

A Fully functional lab is invariably well equipped. Drstore has envisaged its vision in making the laboratories equipped with state of art latest technology.  Any lab related products, services & accessories are being made readily available to our customers.  You are provided with wide variety of choices, as our partners are many in this space. Our fulfilment centers are stocked with all the consumables, reagents other add –ons you require at any point of time. Drstore logistics also takes care of Packaging & shipping your products.


Special Service - Clinic Design

It is important to structure the design that facilitates the consistent clinical outcomes as per the patient & staff expectations. We are equipped with the required essential tools & technologies to design nothing less than a Patient – centered care set up. Our research team evaluates & analyzes in order to build the evidence based design that fulfills the clinical outcomes. It captures the dynamism of changing needs of healthcare facilities. Other areas such as work spaces are well aligned to create an appropriate clinic environment.


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