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Payment Policies

  1. Transactions, transaction price and all commercial terms such as delivery, dispatch of products and/or services are as per principal to principal bipartite contractual obligations between sellers and buyers and the payment facility is merely used by sellers and buyers to facilitate the completion of transactions. Use of the payment facility shall not render Drstore liable or responsible for non–delivery, non-receipt, non-payment, damage, breach of representations and warranties, non-provision of after-sales or warranty services or fraud as regards the products and/or services listed on the Website.
  2. You have specifically authorized Drstore or its service providers to collect, process, facilitate, and remit payments and/or the transaction price electronically or through cash on delivery (CoD) to and from buyers in respect of transactions through payment facility. Your relationship with Drstore is on a principal to principal basis and by accepting the ToU, you agree that Drstore is an independent contractor for all purposes and does not have control of or liability for the products or services that are listed on the Website and paid for by using the payment facility. Drstore does not guarantee the identity of any User nor does it ensure that a buyer or a seller will complete a transaction.
  3. You understand, accept, and agree that the payment facility provided by Drstore is neither a banking nor financial service, but merely a facilitator providing an electronic, automated online electronic payment facility for receiving payment, or cash on delivery (CoD) payment, collection and remittance for transactions on the Website using the existing authorised banking infrastructure and credit card payment gateway (PG) network. Further, by providing payment facility, Drstore neither acts as a trustee nor fiduciary with respect to transaction or transaction price.

 It is hereby clarified that cash on delivery (COD) option may not be available for select products or categories, at Drstore’s sole discretion.


Payment Facility for Sellers: 

  1. You, as a seller, shall be required to dispatch the products and/or services for every transaction to the buyer within the time period as provided in the policies to ensure that the products and/or services are delivered in a timely manner. Further, you will solely be responsible for undertaking transit insurance for products sold on the Website. For avoidance of doubt, Drstore will not be responsible for undertaking any insurance(s) for products sold by sellers on the Website. It is hereby clarified and agreed by the seller that Drstore is merely a facilitator so far logistic services are concerned and logistic services are provided by the Logistic Partner. Further, as and when the goods are shipped through such Logistic Partner, seller shall enter into a bi-partite contract with the Logistic Partner and Drstore shall not be a party to such contract / transaction and all rights / liabilities / obligations with respect to such logistic services shall be between seller and Logistic Partner.
  2. Seller shall provide dispatch details and details of after-sales services related to products and services to Drstore in such a manner and within a time period as provided in the policies, failing which the transaction shall stand cancelled.
  3. Seller shall dispatch the products and/or services using only an approved delivery channel which provides appropriate ‘proof of dispatch’ & ‘proof of delivery’ (PoDs) documentation. Such PoD documentation relating to delivery should be maintained by a seller for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of dispatch. The PoDs should be furnished to Drstore on demand within the time frame as notified from time to time.
  4. Seller agrees that the dispatch details shall be true, correct, and duly authorised and shall not be misleading, fraudulent, false, unauthorised, illegal and shall not contain any misrepresentation of facts.
  5. In case a seller fails to provide dispatch details or provides dispatch details not complying with policies, it shall result in consequences as more specifically stated in the policies and may lead to suspension and/or termination of seller account.
  6. Seller agrees that the transaction price paid by a buyer will be remitted to a seller’s bank account contingent upon the following events:

           a)  Buyer confirms the delivery of products and/or services in the transaction;

 b)   Buyer does not take any action on payment facility to confirm delivery within such a time period as provided in the policies despite confirmation of dispatch of products and/or services by a seller to the buyer;

 c)   Buyer’s refund claim is rejected by Drstore due to any breach of the ToU, policies, and any applicable law;

 d)   Remittances to a seller (after deduction of commissions at applicable rates) for successful transactions under promotional offers [PO] may be made in multiple transactions through its bank accounts and would be in compliance with directions issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for opening and operation of accounts and settlement of payments for electronic payment transactions involving intermediaries vide its notification RBI/2009-10/231 DPSS.CO.PD.No.1102 / 02.14.08/ 2009-10 dated November 24, 2009 (‘RBI Intermediary Guidelines”). 

[PO] Promotional offers are marketing activities as part of which buyers are offered discounts or free products provided they meet the offer criteria. These could be referred to under the Drstore Promotions section on the seller portal.

 Remittances to a seller for CoD transactions (after deduction of commissions at applicable rates) shall be made through cheque/demand draft or online bank transfer which may be in multiple transactions through its bank accounts; to the seller’s bank account in accordance with transaction timelines prescribed in clause (e) herein below.

e) Transaction Timelines: Transaction on the Website shall be deemed to be complete only once the following action items are concluded by the respective parties as detailed below: Action Item Days



Action Item













Seller to procure and ship the product(s) sold

1- 3 days







Logistics partner to ship and deliver (install, wherever applicable) the product(s)

Within 7


sold (post step 1)










Buyer to confirm (post step 2)

1-15 days












Exemptions to the above-listed timelines:

f)  Pre-orders where buyer places an order in advance and receives the item as per the timelines stated on the Website,

g)   International procurement where buyer procurement takes more than 21 days as on the website

Once the transaction is completed as stated above, the remittance to seller shall be made in accordance with RBI Intermediary Guidelines. 

Prepaid Payment Instruments

 Drstore may, either itself or through third-party service providers, offer prepaid instruments as a payment option for transactions on the Website to users. Any purchases by buyers on the Website using the prepaid instruments shall be governed by the following terms and conditions: 

  1. Such prepaid instruments may be used to make payments for the products purchased on the Website
  2. Such prepaid instruments can be redeemed by buyers by selecting the payment mode as may be provided on the Website.
  3. Such prepaid instruments cannot be used to purchase other prepaid instruments or gift vouchers.
  4. If the order value exceeds the amount of such prepaid instruments, the balance must be paid by the respective buyer via Credit Card/Debit Card /Internet Banking. COD shall not be available as payment option for such transactions.
  5. If the order value is less than the amount of such prepaid instruments, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will reflect as credit balance for such prepaid instruments.
  6. Prepaid instruments and any unused balance of such prepaid instruments shall expire 1 year from the date of their issue.
  7. Prepaid instruments cannot be redeemed for Cash.
  8. Drstore is not responsible if prepaid instruments are lost, stolen, or used without permission.
  9. Buyers can combine and use a maximum of 3 prepaid instruments per order. They can be combined with promotional codes.
  10. Purchases of prepaid instruments are not eligible for cash back offers.
  11. All sellers on the Website will accept this prepaid instrument as a payment instrument.
  12. Drstore will be responsible for making payments to sellers.
  13. Drstore will make payments to sellers whose products have been purchased by buyers redeeming electronic gift vouchers (EGV) as per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time.


 Registration on the Website is free. Drstore does not charge any fee for browsing/registering on the Website. However, before you list an item for sale through the Website, we request you to review our fee policy, which is hereby incorporated by reference into this ToU. Drstore reserves the right to change its fee policy from time to time. In particular, Drstore may, at its sole discretion, introduce new services and modify some or all of the existing services offered on the Website. In such an event, Drstore reserves the right to introduce fees for the new services offered or amend/introduce fees for existing services, as the case may be. Changes to the fee policy shall be posted on the Website and such changes shall automatically become effective immediately after they are posted on the Website. Unless otherwise stated, all fees shall be quoted in Indian Rupees (INR) and payable to Drstore. You shall be solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, including those in India, for making payments to Drstore.

 Taxes:You are responsible for paying all fees associated with the use of the Website and youagree to bear any and all applicable taxes, charges, cesses etc. levied thereon.

Rules for Express Remittance for Qualified sellers

 1. A seller agrees that Drstore may offer to provide Express Remittance to qualified sellers. Express Remittance shall be subject to RBI Intermediary Guidelines and arrangements/directions of the nodal bank. Drstore, at its sole discretion, may make such an offer to qualified sellers and the same shall not be construed as a right but only as a privilege. Qualified sellers understand that Drstore reserves the right to withdraw Express Remittance at any time for any violation of the ToU or Drstore’s policies and/or failure by qualified sellers to maintain or comply with the parameters as may be decided by Drstore from time to time.

2. A seller expressly agrees that issuing correct and complete invoice is the sole and primary responsibility of a seller. Furthermore, seller shall ensure that invoices state ‘Powered by Drstore’ and failing to do so, a seller shall be liable to penalties (as applicable).

3. In case of any penalties levied by the bank, Drstore shall have the right to deduct such penalties from seller remittances, present and future, and a seller’s only remedy will be to discuss and resolve the same with the bank. A seller hereby agrees to extend full co-operation in resolving the penalties disputes raised by a buyer through the bank and shall provide necessary documentation regarding the transaction to the complete satisfaction of the bank. In case the penalties is ruled against a seller, Drstore shall be entitled and authorised to recover the same from the seller to its fullest extent and the bank’s decision shall be final and binding in this regard. In the event Drstore has made any excess payment to seller inadvertently, such excess payments shall be set-off from any future payments payable by Drstore to the seller. 

4. Drstore may delay notifying the payment confirmation, i.e. informing seller to dispatch if Drstore deems suspicious or a buyer conducts high transaction volumes to ensure safety of the transaction and transaction price. In addition, Drstore may hold transaction price and not inform seller to dispatch or remit transaction price to law enforcement officials (instead of refunding the same to a buyer) at the request of law enforcement officials or in the event of a buyer being engaged in any form of illegal activity.

 5. Sellers acknowledge that Drstore will not be liable for any damages, interests, claims etc. resulting from not processing a transaction/transaction price or any delay in processing a transaction/transaction price that is beyond the control of Drstore.

 Drstore shall make payments into the bank account provided by a seller during the seller registration process. Once Drstore has made payments into such a bank account number, Drstore shall be discharged of any/all liabilities towards the seller and the seller shall not be eligible for any claims whatsoever.