By leveraging AI and human expertise, InstaECG™ provides doctors with instant, accurate, and consistent interpretations of ECGs for patient management.

Clinically Validated (US FDA, CE Approved)

AI and human expertise InstaECG™

12-lead clinical grade ECG machine : Tricog’s VCardia represents a state-of-the-art 12-lead clinical grade ECG device, meticulously capturing heart data through ECG leads I, II, III, aVF, aVR, aVL, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 simultaneously and seamlessly. When connected to a smartphone, the device’s app provides clear lead placement guidance. Additionally, the VCardia is equipped with a printer port compatible with modern printers, enabling prompt and convenient report printing when needed.

Accurate and Timely Diagnosis : Tricog InstaECG Vcardia provides doctors with accurate and timely ECG diagnosis, enabling quick assessment of patients’ cardiac health and informed decision-making. (*Critical ECG alerts within 10 minutes).

24/7 Remote Medical Expertise : Experience 24/7 Remote Medical Expertise with Tricog’s cutting-edge system, providing doctors with unfettered access to confirmed ECG reports at any time. This innovative solution combines the power of AI and an in-house medical expert team to deliver precise diagnoses through seamless collaboration. For critical cases, timely reporting is guaranteed in under 10 minutes, with instant alerts through phone calls.

13 Million Screenings and Over 4.5 Lakh Criticals Identified : Vcardia’s extensive usage has led to over 13 million patient screenings and the identification of more than 4.5 lakh critical cases, facilitating early intervention for potential cardiac issues.

Trusted by 5000+ Professionals: With 5000+ doctors relying on Tricog’s Clinical-grade ECG technology and its adoption in the top 1% of clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centres, Vcardia is a trusted and proven cardiac care solution.

Enhanced Patient Care : TrackyPro helps reduce patient anxiety and eliminates delays in obtaining critical reports, leading to better patient care and satisfaction. It also streamlines the workflow and enhances practice efficiency in managing the growing burden of heart conditions.

Remote Accessibility of reports : An innovative cloud-based solution that empowers doctors to effortlessly manage patient reports, record, report, share, and archive through a web platform and mobile app, even from remote locations or when they are away from their practice. This cutting-edge system ensures seamless and efficient patient care without the need for an external power source to operate.

ECG Reports Easily Track, Download, Access & Share

Acquisition and Transfer : A reliable ECG is crucial for accurate reports. While a medical center can use a 12-lead ECG to capture patient data, real-time cloud transmission poses challenges.

Mobile Viewer : Tricog Viewer is a web and mobile tool used for diagnosing acquired ECGs.

Reporting : The ECG report is instantly given to the healthcare center for patient treatment. Reports are sent through various channels to ensure timely delivery. High-risk patients receive life-saving alerts 24/7 for prompt care.

Access to Reports : Customers can easily track, download, access, and share ECG reports through a user-friendly portal and mobile app. Patients can receive digital reports via email too.

Cloud-based AI Interpretation & Prioritize Based on Criticalities

Clinical Grade 12-Lead ECG Machine with Digital Data Transfer
Enables acquisition and transfer of digital 12-Lead ECG data to Tricog cloud. Connect your data-enabled smartphone to the ECG machine and transmit ECG data in a few seconds through inbuilt GSM/ Wifi.

ECG Interpretation Service by Cardiac Specialists
Within seconds of acquisition of ECG data, Cloud-based AI algorithms perform preliminary interpretation and prioritize them based on criticalities. In-house cardiac experts verify the queue of ECGs and generate the final reports, that too functioning 24×7.

Get Printable ECG Reports in PDF Format

With InstaECG*, you receive 24×7 ECG interpretation and reports verified by Tricog’s team of Cardiac Specialists. The reports contain the ECG readings and diagnosis which are available to be viewed in PDF format. The reports can be printed with any modern-day printer available in the market – for both doctors’ offline reference and patients’ reference.

Secure Report Access via Tricog Platform
Enabling clinicians to view, download and print the high-quality interpreted ECG reports using the Tricog portal and VCardia mobile app available for Android and iOS platforms. Alerts are enabled both via the application and call feature during the detection of critical cases.