DrStore introduces India’s pioneering AI-enabled remote monitoring and cardio-diagnostic platform, empowering doctors to remotely monitor patients and provide comprehensive diagnostic services in the comfort of their homes.

Patient-facing Smartphone App

Seamless real-time interpretation and accurate measurement @ home

Clinician web portal

Enables efficient best practice care delivery with proprietary summarization tools, practice level analytics, and fast patient onboarding.

Services and Packages Offered to Physicians

Software Platform Subscription

Use our Software Platform for a monthly subscription fee. The report will be generated as per the doctor’s clinic brand or requirements.

Software Platform Subscription Services + Devices Rental

Use our Software Platform and a set of cardio diagnostics devices for a monthly subscription fee.

Software Platform Subscription + Devices Rental + Home Services

Use comprehensive home or clinic services. The subscription fee includes software applications, devices, and trained home care technicians.